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Here's a look into my life of serving at Farm of the Child in Trujillo, Honduras


Hello and welcome! I'm about to embark on a crazy adventure serving at Farm of the Child in Trujillo, Honduras and I'm so excited to have you come on the journey with me. I plan to use this blog to keep you informed and share my experiences with you.
My name is Emma, a recent college graduate, who is about to do something crazy. I recently graduated from Bemidji State University with a degree in elementary education. This past fall I spent student teaching in an amazing school where I got to know the staff and students. I was fortunate enough to land a job at the school as a reading and math interventionist. It was an amazing place to start my career as a teacher and I thought that was where I would have my first teaching job. Lo and behold, the Lord had other plans. Those plans have lead me to Farm of the Child, or Finca del Niño.

La Finca History
Motivated by a love for Christ and the desire to follow God's will, founders Vincent and Zulena Pescatore founded the first Farm of the Child in the remote rainforests of El Peten, Guatemala in 1987. After establishing an orphanage, clinic, and school, Vincent & Zulena were called to then begin an orphanage in Honduras. In 1993, they began construction of Finca del Niño, in the northern coast of Honduras outside the town of Trujillo. Shortly thereafter, Vincent Pescatore died in a tragic plane crash in the mountains near the Finca del Niño.

Today, his vision and this beautiful mission continues thanks to the grace of God, a partnership with the Central American Order of Franciscan Sisters, international missionaries, the love of Zulena and the Pescatore family, and that of our devoted Board members & employees. If you would like to learn more about Farm of the Child visit their website here. Also be sure to check out their Facebook page for regular updates here.

Mission Statement
"Farm of the Child USA is a Catholic, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports Finca del Niño HONDURAS, a non-profit mission modeled on the Holy Family that educates, protects, and promotes healing and spiritual formation for orphaned and abandoned children, and families in the local community."

I hope this blog is to your liking. I ask also for your support while following me on this journey mainly in prayer. That being said, every missionary is asked to raise approximately $10,000 before traveling to the country, so your financial support is also greatly appreciated. If you feel so inclined as to make a donation, click here​​​ to find my donation page. There are a variety of donation options and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Little Joys

A list of 5 things bringing me a little bit of joy here in Honduras.

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Christmas Frenzy

This Christmas was one for the books! While I couldn’t participate in some of my favorite Christmas traditions I did get to experience some new Christmas events “Honduran style”.

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

I'm counting my blessings this Thanksgiving!

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Hurricane in Honduras

A week report of living through a hurricane in Honduras.

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Parallels to Home

Honduran life is a lot different than life at home, but I've found some similarities.

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Tranquility Bay

My two weeks of quarantining at Tranquility Bay have been filled with fun adventures and Jesus moments!

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We've Arrived!

After a 10 hour van ride, we've officially arrived at Tranquility Bay, Honduras where we will spend two weeks in quarantine.

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A Thank You Letter to My Parish

This is me wanting to share a heartfelt thank you to my parish who watched me grow up and blessed me through their presence, love, and support.

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So, why are you going to Honduras?

So many friends and family have asked me, “so, why are you going to Honduras?”. I’ve had a challenging time trying to articulate the answer and present it in a nice cute package.

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A Name for the Blog

I fell in love with the mission of Farm of the Child through reading missionary blogs. When I decided to start my own blog, I needed a come up with a name. It proved to be easier said than done.

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The Start of an Adventure

I’ve made a crazy decision. A big, bold, crazy decision. In just a few months I will be moving to Honduras to serve as a missionary at Farm of the Child.

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